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May 3, 2014 12:01pm EDT
positive. meaning freedom and all these things but democracy within russia and elsewhere doesn't necessarily manifest in more liberty or individual liberty. so what was the original question? >> host: what does the constitution say about democracy? >> guest: the constitution says nothing. >> host: people across the political spectrum? >> guest: you would be surprised how many people think one person should be running something. an example here, a lot of people want people and the federal reserve to open up and participate, but imagine having everyone talking about the federal reserve when even the fed governor probably doesn't understand why things are happening. sometimes we have to say people know more about something and we have to allow them to run whatever institution we are talking about. >> host: what about religion? >> guest: >> host: we're talking with david harsanyi, his most recent book "the people have spoken (and they are wrong," the case against democracy. david harsanyi is also the author of the nanny state. thank you for your time. >> a quick peek at upcoming bo
Apr 27, 2014 8:47pm EDT
and elements in russia noticed how vulnerable we were and they started targeting aig, citi bank and using techniques with the intent of crashing our stalk market. sounds like a conspiracy theory but it isn't. the former treasure secretary said the russian's approaches the chinese and said if we dumpthdump the holdings of the american debt we can crater the economy. and the russians did it and it worseni worsened our situation. >> you have a follow up. >> i got into the chinese dock doctrine that was written by the people's public of china and two colonels wrote this in 1999 and said the best way to beat america is wall street attack, cyber attacks or ruining the currency. so i looked at what happened in 2008- 2008-2009. and i looked forward to what could be happening. our next war is going to be cyber economic in nature and say they will crash the economy if they get into war. that is what vladimer putin said when he invaded the ukraine. and he said we will slap sanction on you his response was you don't want to do that because i can crash your strong market and i can hack your financial
Apr 27, 2014 6:24pm EDT
.s.-russian relations. in light of the current conflict between russia and ukraine and the u.s. involvement in the situation, but tv presents portions of author talks on russian leadership in foreign relations.
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3